By the Book: the book and the study of its digital transformation

By the Book: the book and the study of its digital transformation

Villa Finaly in Florence

Publishing Studies Conference

Taking place:

Villa Finaly, Florence, Italy

Friday 23 May to Saturday 24 May 2014

This two-day conference brought together scholars from the field of publishing studies to examine key issues around the digital transformation of the book, as well as to discuss the developing field of publishing studies.

Analysed will be a key set of questions. How is the landscape of the book in Europe changing due to digital transformation? How will terrestrial bookshops survive the growth of ebooks? Are there international forces for change which will affect all markets, and what domestic factors will prevail? What is the connection between the spread of English as the global lingua franca and the growth of digital publishing?

This is the first conference to bring together researchers and teachers of publishing studies from all parts of Europe and aims to be the first in a series of such meetings. Also welcome are industry practitioners who wish to contribute to the debates.

Proposals were invited for individual paper presentations or themed panels (with two or three contributors).

Conference committee

  • BenoÈ‹t Berthou, University of Paris 13 (LABSIC)
  • Ernst-Peter Biesalski, HTWK, Leipzig
  • Alberto Cadioli, University of Milan
  • Pascal Durand, University of Liège
  • Miha Kovač, University of Ljubljana
  • Angus Phillips, Oxford Brookes University (Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies)
  • Adriaan van der Weel, University of Leiden

Associate partners

  • Association for Publishing Education
  • Brill
  • Federation of European Publishers

The fee for conference attendance or the presentation of a paper (given it is accepted) is 150 euros. There is a reduced rate of 99 euros for PhD students. There is no spare accommodation at the conference venue, the Villa Finaly, and delegates need to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation.