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Rachel Thorpe - From Oxford to Paris

European Master in Publishing 2006-8 

I began the European Master in Publishing at Oxford Brookes, where the course allowed me an insight into the various sectors of the publishing industry. I then moved from one vibrant and sociable city to another, and ventured to Paris for my second semester. Having grown up in France, I have spent most of my life moving between these two countries, so I didn't find it too daunting. Saint-Cloud Pôle Métiers du Livre is dedicated to courses specialising in jobs relating to books, such as librarian or editor. Much smaller than Oxford Brookes, it has a very homely feel and an amazing view over the whole of Paris. It has been very interesting to gain an insight into the publishing industry in France and Britain and the different ways that the ‘book' is perceived in both countries.

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Posted on 16 May 2007 around 2pm

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