Feedback - Brianne Bellio, MA Publishing

Since March, I have spent two days a week at Osprey Publishing in Oxford as an editorial intern. My biggest task has been to be in charge of the Editorial inbox. I read through all the emailed proposals and forward them on to the relevant editors. Communication is a big part of my job, whether to the editors or to the potential authors. I have also been utilizing the proofreading skills learnt on the MA programme as I upload corrections into their CMS database. These corrections have to be updated so that the most correct version of the manuscript is available. Attention to detail is definitely a key aspect of this job. I also mail back rejected manuscripts and return artwork to the artists. I help with checking texts for correct and consistent spellings, sourcing images, and generally pitch in where assistance is required.


I have been very lucky to be working with such a welcoming and friendly group of people. Asking questions is always encouraged and everyone is willing to show me a new system or database I may not have used before. I have also gained valuable knowledge, insights, and interviews for my dissertation. As my first real foray into the publishing industry, my work experience has provided a real world context for the skills and theories we have learned in class. Reading through all the proposals that are sent in has given me a real appreciation not just of what editors do but also of what authors go through, as I am also the one who sends out the rejection or acceptance emails. I definitely recommend Osprey for an internship – it is a great place to work. I have learned a lot of practical skills while working in a friendly environment.

Posted on 29 Apr 2014 around 2pm

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