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Emily Falkner - Publishing Media and Fine Art

Emily Falkner

I knew I always wanted to go to university but wasn’t sure where or what I wanted to study. Instead of rushing into university I worked as a receptionist in a hotel for a year while I was researching different courses. I found Oxford Brookes and saw that they offered joint honours degrees, which were of great interest to me, and after an open day I knew I was going to enjoy my time at Oxford Brookes.

I chose to do a joint honours degree in Publishing Media and Fine Art, because I love books, I enjoy art and I am very creative. The Publishing Media course is carefully curated to offer both creative, professional, business and practical insight in to the publishing industry. With modules focusing on all areas of publishing, including editorial, marketing, sales, business and digital technology. Group work is in abundance across all modules, which encourages good teamwork, communication and leaderships skills.The Fine Art modules I took included, History of Art, Curatorial Practice and Technical Skills for Artists. These modules really complemented the creative side of the publishing course for me.

The course also offers talks and visits from fantastic guest lecturers including alumni and professionals in the industry and a chance to participate in the annual speed network event where you can meet and ask all the burning questions you may have to some of the leading individuals in publishing. During my second year on the course I was lucky enough to go on a field trip to Amsterdam for a week to meet some of the publishing students and colleagues at De Hogeschool van Amsterdam. This trip involved a lot of hard work but also a chance to meet and network with like –minded people internationally. Most importantly, the Publishing Media lecturers are the most supportive, kind and encouraging group of people I have ever met.

This course has certainly given me the knowledge and skills to successfully secure my first publishing job at Bloomsbury in London. I am very excited and determined to utilise all the skills and knowledge I have learnt during my undergraduate degree in Publishing Media and Fine Art at Oxford Brookes. 

Posted on 19 May 2017 around 3pm

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