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Internship at ILO in Geneva

I started the MA in publishing at Oxford Brookes as a complete publishing novice. I had a background in library science but almost no knowledge about the publishing world. This changed rapidly over the first months of the course. At that point I felt confident in applying for an internship with the International Labour Organization in Geneva. After an interview at the London Book Fair, I got the news that I had been selected

I arrived in Geneva at the end of August on a very sunny day, almost 30°, which made my move to this new city more than pleasant. We started our internship at the ILO together with 28 other young people from all over the world. The range of interesting people with very different backgrounds that you meet at the ILO and in Geneva is incredible. The ILO itself has a very active intern community, in which both Jenny and I took part, which organizes several fun and cultural activities. Together we discovered Geneva and Switzerland and built some friendships that will last for life. The publications department, where we were interning, consists of a small and friendly group of people where I quickly felt at home. Our first main responsibility was the design and production of the Foreign Rights Catalogue. It was very interesting to put our InDesign skills to the test and to produce a catalogue nearly from scratch. Apart from this we got a range of interesting tasks to do. Charlotte, our supervisor, made sure to assign us tasks that fit our skills. Jenny, therefore, had a more editorial focus while I worked on e-content. Six months is not a very long time but I know I learnt a lot and the internship definitely prepared me for a job in publishing.

Posted on 29 Mar 2012 around 5pm

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