Feedback - Katherine Pitt, MA Digital Publishing

During the second semester of my MA in Digital Publishing at Oxford Brookes, I have been lucky enough to spend two days a week in the publishing department of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

In addition to giving me a behind-the-scenes look at my favourite museum, my experience at the V&A has provided invaluable insights into the world of museum publishing.

I have learnt a lot; from the important role publishing plays in supporting and promoting the V&A’s collection, to just how informative image licensing costs are in determining which illustrations can make it into a publication. It also served as a good reminder that the skills we learn in class are applicable in the real world, and I felt very satisfied whenever I got to use my proofreading techniques.


The publishing team has taken very good care of me and were all wonderful at making sure that I got to see and experience as much as possible during my time with them. I had a hard time playing it cool when I got to attend a meeting between the head of publishing and the V&A’s fashion curators during which they discussed upcoming titles and the areas of the fashion collection that would make interesting reading. I decided then and there that they had the best job in the world.

Another ‘pinch myself’ moment was the publishing department’s tour of the National Art Library, after which we got to flip through some of the Library’s most beautifully designed and important books.

Unavoidably and understandably, an intern’s job description comprises some tasks that aren’t incredibly exciting (like image downloading), but it’s an wonderful chance to experience what its like to work in a particular area and see if you can picture yourself happily within it.

Posted on 04 Apr 2014 around 3pm

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