Feedback - Lindsey Woollard - 4th year BA Combined Publishing and Japanese

Lindsey Woollard - 4th year BA Combined Publishing and Japanese

Lindsey Woollard at the University of Tsukuba

I chose Oxford Brookes because it offered such a variety of degree combinations. I wanted to learn Japanese for years but I also had a great passion for books. Oxford Brookes let me pursue both those interests with a combined Japanese and Publishing degree.

Before I started my publishing lectures the entire process was a bit of a mystery to me. I could never have imagined how intricate the industry is. The lectures and coursework have not only given me a comprehensive understanding of the publishing world, they have also given me the skills to succeed in it.

In my third year my publishing degree was put on hold while I went on my Japanese exchange year. It was probably the hardest and best year of my life. The first week was particularly difficult. I was placed in a different hall than my fellow Oxford Brookes students; I had the unpleasant realisation that even after constant studying I couldn't understand much and I had no Internet. I thought I was in the forest because all I could see were trees. By the end of the first day I felt alone, unable to communicate and I really missed Google Maps. 

The next day I met my tutor who was the sweetest person. She helped me get into town, buy a bike, buy a fridge and some food. I spent most of the first week getting my new life set up and coming to terms with the fact that I still had a lot more Japanese to learn. It took about three weeks but soon I was able so understand my classes, which were taught in Japanese. I found some language exchange clubs and met not only Japanese friends but people from all over the world. 

I made sure take advantage of the Japanese scholarship money I received and I traveled all over Japan from the top most island, Hokkaido, to see the snow festival, to the beaches in Okinawa. I went to a fire festival and walked across warm embers and had picnics under the cherry blossoms. I also went to China and climbed the Great Wall and saw the palaces in South Korea and gave a tiger a belly rub in Thailand.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have experienced so many amazing things but my favorite parts were always those little moments. Those times I would stop and realise that I was actually having a proper conversation or understanding my classes or even watching a movie with no subtitles.

My exchange year was very difficult especially in the beginning but I always had the support of my teachers in England. I learned so much about myself and with this knowledge I can graduate confident in who I am and what I know I can achieve. 

Posted on 07 Mar 2017 around 7pm

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