Feedback - MA Publishing Student

I had a very positive experience during my 7 month work placement. The majority of my time was spent working on publicity. This included sending out contracts and author and review copies, creating publicity flyers, compiling bibliographic data and doing some liaison with authors and the distributor. Because the tasks to be completed are generally the same for each book, the work can become quite repetitive. However, I felt that the sense of familiarity I gained in this one area of publishing compensated for the occasional tedium; as I became more comfortable with the tasks, it began to feel more like a proper “job” than work experience (even though I didn’t get paid!) With some of the more promising volumes there was also the possibility of working on special mailings and offers, which added variety. The repetitive nature of the work was also broken up by doing sales and marketing projects. These were a lot of fun, especially for someone who enjoys writing. Projects included writing a promotional ‘special offer’ flyer and a covering letter for a society mailing.

Posted on 13 Jun 2006 around 2pm

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