Feedback - Raya Ubenova - MA Publishing with an AHRC Scholarship

The MA courses at the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies offer a whole universe of knowledge and experience in publishing. Before applying for the MA in Publishing Studies, I visited this very website on quite a few occasions and after reading other students’ testimonials I knew I was about to embark on an exciting journey in the academic, social and practical aspects of publishing.

This journey began even before the start of the course in September. The university set up a Facebook group for us, future publishing students, and we started getting to know each other during the summer. Once the course started, we felt the immensity of publishing on so many occasions and were offered various opportunities to ‘sample’ the real publishing world. Frankfurt, for example, was a pure astonishment for everyone who visited the fair for the first time. It was a colossal event and it showed us the different faces of the industry. Moreover, the work experience opportunities we are offered on a regular basis are a great way to peek inside a small or a big publishing house while making a real contribution to their work. This experience in a combination with the program modules make it easy to choose which publishing roles are right for you. Another fascinating feature of the MA in Publishing program is its diversity – this year we have 24 different nationalities on the course and needless to say, this adds a strong international perspective to our experience and helps us all get a feeling of how publishing is developing in other countries.

I applied for the MA course in February 2010 and this proved to be a good timing considering the upcoming deadlines for scholarship applications. As a recipient of an AHRC funding I have the chance to focus on my studies and work experience and make the most out of my stay here in Oxford. I recommend the MA in Publishing program to anyone who has a passion for books, knowledge and adventures and who would like to be part of the exciting publishing world. My advice is: apply early and take advantage of all funding opportunities offered. You will be rewarded for your efforts!

Posted on 24 Mar 2011 around 10am

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