Feedback - Vishal Jain, MA Publishing 2014

Vishal Jain, MA Publishing 2014

Vishal Jain

I was carrying the idea for a Quick Revision app when I arrived at Oxford Brookes University. The programme helped me to convert the idea into a real project. It was the Publishing Department which gave me exposure and knowledge about app development including the whole cycle of publishing sector. The MA in Publishing not only develops skills but also creates work and employment scenarios during the course which help develop the uniqueness and market appeal in each product and service.

With the help of my father's experience of publishing in India and with my knowledge gained from studying at Brookes I was able to develop my idea of Quick Revision app into a major project. A prototype was developed and then submitted for my Master’s final project.

When I went back to India I wanted to launch the app and I got full support for the project. I had already identified the developer and the full content. Further work was needed on navigation, testing and usability; areas which that you cannot overlook and areas where my knowledge continued to develop.  For example, for testing the app; it is better to have objectives set for each version when it is tested. Also, the key to meet launch date is always keep few extra days in your hand because you can never predict delays. The Quick Revision app can be used to practice for various entrance examinations in India with their respective subject category related to exam. And can be found by following this link.

Posted on 12 Nov 2014 around 2pm

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