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The Oxfordshire Publishing Group

The Oxfordshire Publishing Group (OPG) is made up of senior publishers from companies across the region who meet periodically to network and socialise, and discuss areas of mutual interest.  The Group comprises publishers from all the largest, as well as from small- and medium-sized, publishing companies.  There is no ‘membership’ and we welcome new publishers in senior roles who would like to come along.

The Oxford Publishing Group Events

Publishing Without Boundaries - The Oxfordshire Publishing Group Summer Conference - June 14th 2016

The Oxfordshire Publishing Group Training Courses have been selected and designed by a team of local publishers to reflect the key issues, developments and challenges in the publishing world today.

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The Oxfordshire Publishing Group

Ed Vaizey MP, (Parliamentary under secretary for culture, media and sport)

From an early point in our meetings, the Group identified training as one of the key areas where we could work together collaboratively.   As the organisation that has always co-ordinated the activities of the OPG, The Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies applied for and was awarded a grant by Creative Skillset, to be held on behalf of the OPG, to develop training course for publishers in the Oxfordshire region.    The OPG bid was part of a larger bid made by Creative Skillset on behalf of over 500 creative industry employers and partners in such fields as film, TV, animation, games, VFX, publishing, digital media, and fashion and textile.  The total amount of money co-invested by government is £20 million and this is matched by £17 million industry contributions from the largest ever partnership of creative companies in the UK.  The £150,000 grant awarded to OPG, to be spent over a two year period from April 2014 to March 2016, allows the Group to develop and run training courses which have been selected and put together by local publishers and which will be delivered locally, at cost price.

Part of our grant application included a commitment by local publishers to work more closely with local schools to support literacy programmes, and to encourage as wide a group of young people as possible to consider publishing as a career.  A steering group of local publishers from the OPG is working closely with the local councils to develop this relationship.

Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, and the Local Enterprise Partnership have all been involved with the OPG since the outset and have been instrumental in helping us find out about and take advantage of local schemes that provide support for SMEs, will encourage investment in the publishing industry and help us link up with local schools for a variety of activities.  For example, for the first time ever, publishing will be represented at the Careers Fest that takes place in Oxford every year.

The first course, Creative Entrepreneurship (previously run as the Fusion Workshop), is taking place in Oxford in November. More courses will be run in the New Year, and a full list of them will be found on this website.