Academic and professional publishing

Module Number: TBA

Module Leader(s)/Tutors: Philip Shaw,

This module takes place during Semester 2

During this module you will develop an understanding of the context and practice of global academic and professional publishing, including journals. You will investigate the market, the nature of scholarly communication, the shape of the publishing industry, and current debates about research funding, open access and peer review.

You will study the continuing transformation of academic and professional publishing from traditional content development and distribution, to the development of integrated solutions to support research and professional practice.

You will explore important developments in the field, including technology innovations, the integration of different media and data types into scholarly communication, the convergence of book and journal content, the emergence of new publishing and business models, and the blending of publishing with the provision of workflow solutions to customers.

The module provides a platform for progression towards a role within this dynamic sector of the publishing industry.

Indicative Reading:

Campbell (2012) Academic and Professional Publishing, Chandos Publishing

Cope (2009) The Future of the Academic Journal, Chandos Publishing

Morris et al (2013) The Handbook of Journal Publishing, Cambridge University Press

Rosendaal (2010) Scientific Publishing from Vanity to Strategy, Chandos Publishing

Thompson (2005) Books in the digital age: the transformation of academic and higher education publishing in Britain and the United States, Polity

Contributes to: Publishing