Design and production

Module Number: P65021

Module Leader(s)/Tutors: Chris Jennings,

This module takes place during Semester 1

The creative endeavour that makes up the process of designing and producing a book for print is covered in detail. The aims of the module are to explore the form of the book from its constituent parts; the cover, the page layout and the text and image on the page using a professional workflow and project management.

The way that a book is replicated through the printing and binding processes is covered and the choices that are faced by publishers are addressed when considering the diversity of markets. Publishing workflows with XML and metadata are covered as are a detailed knowledge of typography. and graphics as it applies to page layout and cover design for books. Industry standard software is used to bring together text and image for appropriate reader experience with typographic choices as part of this process.

The IT suite with more than 40 iMacs is used for workshop style software teaching. Sessions cover Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Acrobat, and encourage students already experienced with this software to take their skills further, while supporting students who are starting their knowledge of the standard software in the publishing industry. We use Adobe Creative Cloud software throughout the course.

See some samples of recent student work in this self running sequence.

Assessment is by individual and group project work and involves aspects of design, typography, costing, project management and technical production exercises.

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