Digital publishing strategy

Module Number: P65024

Module Leader(s)/Tutors: Nicola Timbrell,

This module takes place during Semester 2

This module focuses on digital products within the various sectors of the publishing industry. The technological basis for the products themselves will be examined and the strategic reasons for developing digital products critically appraised. Key issues that face publishers and how they are addressed will be analysed through case studies.

You will learn about the process and management of digital product design and development, and have the opportunity to practice this in the specification of a digital publishing product and the creation of a prototype.

The assessment requires you to work effectively as part of a small group.  This year Harcourt Educational Publishers will be involved with the course, providing educational and vocational textbooks for you to metamorphose into an eproduct..  You will build a small part of your proposed website for demonstration purposes and write a report for the full eproduct.

Feedback from students:

‘Things were laid out really nicely in the module. There was obviously a plan as to the sequence in which we learned the material. It was a thoughtful and useful progression.'

‘I feel I have learnt a lot about epublishing and have become confident in using software I would otherwise would not have had the chance to use.'

‘I enjoyed the guest speakers - gave real world examples.'

‘I learnt a lot about electronic publishing in different media which should be useful in any future publishing employment.'

Contributes to: Publishing