Multi-Platform Publishing

Module Number: P65035

Module Leader(s)/Tutors: Chris Jennings,

This module takes place during Semester 2

This module examines the range of options available to publishers when considering alternative digital forms for publishing device independent content.

During semester 1 (P65021) students will have been introduced to the standards of the mark-up language used by publishers to store and exchange content. This introduction to XML is further explored with particular reference to eBook formats. Expertise in the use of page layout software (InDesign) is expanded with an understanding of forms of delivery beyond print. Once this knowledge is garnered then strategies for enhancing content are covered with a view to adding value to publications beyond the printed page.

Industry standards in markup and eBook formats are covered in detail with particular focus on differences between platforms and methods of distribution. Expertise grows through the use of more sophisticated enhancements to the content with multimedia, animation and interactivity. 

Since text and image will be enhanced with multimedia, techniques for editing audio and video are covered. In the final assignment more sophisticated methods are explored to provide opportunities for adding interactivity and rich immersive reader experience.

The module takes place on a Wednesday afternoon in the publishing IT suite. Each student creates interactive content for using standard tools such as Photoshop and InDesign, however, emphasis will be placed on delivering content to modern standards and all content will be validated according to industry standards.

The assignment involves taking a Shakespeare Play and delivering as a 're-flowable' eBook, a 'fixed-layout' eBook and an enhanced eBook or APP.

Through these 3 alternative methods, students will learn the challenges, limitations and potentials for creating compelling interactive products for portable devices such as the Apple iPad. These assignments build on coursework undertaken during the Semester 1 module - Design and Production.

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