Professional experience

Module Number: P65013

Module Leader(s)/Tutors: Dr Sally Hughes,

This module takes place during Summer

The Professional Experience Module offers you the opportunity to spend a sustained period of time working in a publishing or publishing-­â€related organisation such as a bookseller or a book promotion organisation, and to conduct a study based on that work experience that may be tailored to fit in with your career plans and aspirations. Your experience on this module can therefore take several forms and might be composed, for example, of different work in the context of the host organisation:

  • a practical piece of publishing project management in either an editorial, design or production context (e.g. editorial work on a publication or series of publications, creating a website, taking a manuscript and illustrations through pre-­â€press stages, development of digital resources or intellectual property),
  • creation of marketing materials, work on exhibitions or special events, other book promotion activities, development of an e-­â€marketing campaign,
  • a company-­â€based plan or report (e.g. a market research project looking at a particular market sector – either geographic or sectorial),
  • working on the management of IP (dealing with either the sale or purchase of rights)

The assignment will be based on this work experience and will enable students to both analyse and compare the processes experienced during the work and to explore what you have learnt through the work experience and how this may be relevant to your future career. The module may only be taken in Semester 3 and is specifically developed to permit international students to take advantage of extended period of work experience that are offered by UK publishing companies and/or supported attendance at the EU funded summer school that requires a research project taken for credit as a part of the MA programme.

Contributes to: Publishing