Sales, marketing and consumer insight

Module Number: P65023

Module Leader(s)/Tutors: Sarah Franklin,

This module takes place during Semester 1

Marketing plays an increasingly central role in contemporary publishing, with decisions being made at every level and within every department in consultation with expertise from marketing teams, and the roles within these teams becoming increasingly diverse. Marketing teams identify consumer needs and potential gaps in the market, analyse the competition and devising products and services to fill these gaps. They bring to bear their understanding and execution of the precise mix of sales, marketing and PR techniques required in order to profitably meet these customer needs. Through a combination of field trips, taught theory, guest lecturers from the cutting edge of contemporary publishing and student-led case study analysis, this module will equip you with a systematic examination of the key concepts and disciplines of sales, marketing and PR and their relationships throughout publishing.

What previous students have said about the module:

'Diverse & thorough, interesting, very useful, relevant, comprehensive, varied, enjoyable.'

'Having a background in business studies, I was amazed how much content was squeezed into 12 weeks.'

'Guest speakers were excellent, interesting, helpful, and combined theory & practice.'

'Can use applied skills not only for publishing, marketing is useful in any business. I was able to apply module content to my work experience.'

Contributes to: Publishing