Industry Advisory Board Member | Mayur Amin

The Publishing Industry Advisory Board, which provides professional support and consultancy to the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies, Oxford Brookes University.

Mayur Amin

Company: Elsevier

Senior Vice President, Research & Academic Relations, Elsevier

Mayur Amin is a senior vice president at Elsevier where he currently heads a global Research and Relations group.  He has been involved in STM publishing for nearly 30 years, initially with Pergamon and then with Elsevier. His early interest in the communication needs of the scholarly community was formed through the management of journal programmes and then, in the late 80s, through early experimentation with new publishing technologies. Since 1990, Mayur has developed a range of research programmes ranging from bibliometric evaluations to global customer satisfaction studies and is a recognized expert on research and bibliometric issues in the STM industry. He collaborates with academic institutions on research projects as well as advising on teaching courses.  An active member of a number of publishing industry groups, including the Publishing Research Consortium and the Serials Publishers’ Executive of the Publishers’ Association, Mayur has engaged with and advised on several governmental and cross-industry panels and expert groups

Professional Activities

  • Committee Member, Serial Publishers’ Executive of the Publishers’ Association
  • Member of Steering Committee, Publishing Research Consortium
  • Government panels, e.g. Expert Panel on RIN economic study; DTI Research Forum
  • Member of industrial advisory board, International Publishing Centre, Oxford Brookes University
  • Advisory Board of PEER (EU sponsored collaborative project)
  • Member of advisory board, Centre for Publishing, University College London
  • Steering/Organising group, APE conferences 08, 09, 10, 11; STM spring conference 08
  • Publisher Panel for PIRUS project
  • Steering group of Journal Usage Factor project
  • Editorial Board, Learned Publishing
  • Recognized expert on research and bibliometric issues in STM industry
  • Steering group of RIN/JISC/PRC joint research studies


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  • ‘Do open access articles have greater citation impact? A critical review of the literature’, Journal of Informetrics, 1(3) 239-248 (2007)
  • Article repositories and journal subscriptions - Future scenarios, Information Services and Use, 27 (4) 173-177 (2007)