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International Publishing Summer School 6-17 July 2015

Our highly acclaimed two-week Summer School is designed for publishers from around the world who want to develop new skills as international publishers and keep up to speed with issues of importance to our industry.  See here for more information, to access the Timetable, read reviews from last year's delegates, and to make a booking.

Delegates together with some teaching and admin staff

Delegates together with some teaching and admin staff

Set: International Publishing Summer School 2015

Bespoke training

Bespoke training is particularly useful when you have several or groups of staff to train; or you need to develop training around business-specific objectives or company processes; where confidentiality is important; or where your needs are not currently met by established training courses. Bespoke training courses ensure that your training is cost and time effective, and gets right to the issues important to your organisation or business. We can travel to your organization, whether in the UK or overseas, or run courses here at Oxford Brookes University.  In recent years we have run courses in a number of countries including the UK, India, UAE, China and South Africa.

Here are some recent programmes we have run:

International Publisher Training Programme

OICPS ran a two-day International Publisher Training Programme at Oxford Brookes University.  Delegates on the course came from all over the world – from Syria, the UAE, Brazil, Russia, India, Turkey, and the UK.  Amongst the delegates were a group of International Young Publishing Entrepreneur competition winners, an event sponsored by the British Council.  Their prize was to come to the UK for a week of activities, including attending the training course at OICPS, and to go to the London Book Fair the following week.

Digital Publishing,  Sharjah

This training consisted of lectures, case studies, and general discussion, facilitated by Sheila Lambie from OICPS, with David Wynn, Associate Lecturer at OICPS, and was delivered to delegates at the 3rd Sharjah Publishers’ Training Workshop.

The workshop, supported by the United Arab Emirates Publishers’ Association, the Sharjah Ministry of Culture, the Sharjah department of Commerce and Information, the Sharjah International Book Fair, and the UK Publishers’ Association, covered key issues such as creating and distributing digital products and services for a range of platforms, technical issues in digital publishing strategy for the Arab market, together with information on how Arab language publishers can tap into the marketplace for buying and selling rights, and how to become a major partner on the international scene.

China Market Focus

Sheila Lambie from OICPS went to Beijing to prepare delegates planning to come to the London Book Fair, where the market focus was China.  The delegates were given advice on everything from how to research potential partners, through to handling the overall planning for the Fair.  They were given advice about assessing their business goals and how to manage expectations, helpful marketing tips and techniques, as well as practical information on how to get the most out of networking and running a successful book Fair meeting.  In addition, Sheila explained how to open and build relationships of trust, confidence, and future profit by understanding such things as etiquette and cultural sensitives.  All the feedback from delegates was very positive and we hope to run a similar course for delegates going to the 2013 London Book Fair.

Pre-London Book Fair International Publisher Training Programme

The programme, which took place in Oxford over 5 days and included a number of  industry visits and featured a variety of speakers,   covered key issues such as trends in the UK market, digital developments, new product development and marketing strategy.  Some of the highlights were a visit to Lightning Source, a networking dinner with a fascinating talk from Simon Littlewood, International Director at Random House, and a workshop on buying and selling rights presented by Lynette Owen, Copyright Director at Pearson.

Other Programmes

Some examples of existing training programmes are given below, but we are able to create unique customised programmes for your organisation - just contact us to discuss your needs.

Publishing Management

This programme can be adapted to suit your sector, business objectives and the level of staff attending the programmee, and we can also focus on a specific theme such as digital publishing management, financial management, etc. We can include industry visits, guest speakers and work experience as part of the programme, as well as lectures and practical work.

Publishing for NGOs and IGOs

Publishing strategy for NGOs and IGOs can differ from more conventional publishing companies. We understand this, and are able to develop a training programme unique to your organization, for example looking at the issues around dissemination and impact, editorial policy and aligning publishing goals with strategic goals. 

Planning for Conferences - Marketing and Editorial staff

Conference preparation and booth management can often be neglected, and this not only reflects badly on your brand but can also mean reduced sales and overall impact in relation to the budget spend.   This practical programme provides a step-by-step guide to planning and managing your booth and the visitors you attract, with lots of useful tips for success.

Planning for Book Fairs

A step-by-step guide on how to prepare for a book fair. A delegate from a recent  programme (Nov. 2009) said of this course:

"Thanks so much for a really brilliant workshop. It was well-prepared and well-run, the programme was very relevant and had a good balance of theoretical and practical - and it was fun, too. Sheila was a brilliant presenter and I liked the fact that she was willing to adapt her prepared programme to take account of our needs" Debra Primo, Publisher, University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, South Africa

Intensive Publishing Training for Individuals

A two-week intensive training programme based at OICPS,  covering key topics as identified by the individual and the tutors. One week of one-to-one tuition followed by a week of work experience in a relevant publishing organization, or two weeks of tuition if more appropriate. This programme is aimed at those already working in the industry who are looking to gain expertise in a critical area  - perhaps following a recent promotion or a desire to move into another area of publishing.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) now for further information on our training services or to discuss a project.

Continuing Professional Development

The Certificate in Journals Publishing provides a continuing professional development programme for journal publishing professionals, including those working for learned societies and professionals from other relevant ‘knowledge industry’ sectors such as academic libraries. The certificate is a two module postgraduate course of study that introduces students to the whole span of journals publishing, including business, management, editorial and production practice, as well as wider issues affecting this rapidly-changing field.

For more information on the Certificate and how to apply for it, see the course page.