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Tue 14 March 2017 at 9.00 am

London Book Fair 2017

Olympia 14 to 16 March

Taking Place: Olympia, London

Students and staff from the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies (OICPS) will be busy throughout the London Book Fair, held at Olympia from the 14 to 16 March 2017.

Our stand (number 7B39) will feature our degree programmes, our staff publications, research and consultancy. We will also be promoting the June conference of the Oxfordshire Publishing Group, and the work of the University's Confucius Institute, which focuses on publishing. Our students will be helping out with the running of the fair.

On the opening morning of the fair, Angus Phillips, Director of OICPS, is chairing a seminar on 'A Gateway to China: The Work of the Confucius Institutes'. You can find out more information here

Type of Event: Publishing | External Publishing Event | London Book Fair Seminar

Tue 12 April 2016 at 11.30 am

The wisdom of crowds - crowdfunding and crowdsourcing

Seminar at the London Book Fair, Olympia

Taking Place: Olympia Room, Grand Hall

The popularity of platforms such as Kickstarter is a testimony to the appetite of consumers to get involved in creative projects at an early stage. How are authors and publishers taking advantage of this phenomenon to source both content and funding? An expert panel assesses both the successes and the failures, and passes on tips for those wishing to venture into this exciting world.

The panel is chaired by Angus Phillips, Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies. His most recent books include Inside Book Publishing (with Giles Clark) and Turning the Page: The evolution of the book. He is the editor of the premier publishing journal Logos.

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Type of Event: Publishing | London Book Fair Seminar

Thu 10 April 2014 at 9.00 am

The Price is Right - London Book Fair seminar

London Book Fair

Earls Court

Taking Place: Thames Room

The growing prominence of ebooks has highlighted the importance of pricing and understanding its effect on sales. What are the strategies and tactics around pricing being adopted by publishers? How are publishers using analytics to inform their decisions? What is the impact on customer behaviour of reducing prices for daily sales or promotions?

A panel of experts from publishing and retailing considers the issues and shares their experience.

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Type of Event: Publishing | London Book Fair Seminar

Tue 16 April 2013 at 3.00 pm

eBook Typography

Chris Jennings

Taking Place: The London Book Fair at Earls Court, London

Book designers dedicate themselves to creating beautifully crafted artefacts with fine control of typography. Is it possible to transfer this devotion to the art of typographic style to the new digital forms?

The presentation will focus on the differences between pBooks and eBooks but also encourage book designers to use techniques that will, not only, retain the quality of their design work but save time in re-purposing for digital formats.

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Type of Event: Publishing | London Book Fair Seminar

Tue 16 April 2013 at 10.30 am

Gamification of Publishing

London Book Fair seminar


Taking Place: Westminster Room, Earls Court, London Book Fair

With the growth in the use of tablets to consume media, including books, what is happening to the boundaries between books and games? There are now books of games, and games of books – what, for example, do we call an interactive children’s product, and does it matter? An expert panel from publishing and the games industry examines a range of topics including our continuing need for exciting stories on which games can be developed, and how publishers are looking to develop a digital strategy across media platforms.

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Type of Event: London Book Fair Seminar

Wed 18 April 2012 at 1.30 pm

Children’s Publishing Around the World

Taking Place: London Bookfair, Westminster Room

In this seminar we'll be exploring children's publishing around the world through the rich and varied experiences of our three speakers: a writer, a publisher, and a bookseller. We will look at how a sensitive writer can explore areas once considered too sensitive to discuss, but where children now benefit from stories which deal with their hopes and fears. How children's publishing travels the world - or doesn't! How an innovative publisher can capture the zeitgeist, and exploit technology in new ways to engage very young children How a passionate bookseller places books in the hands of children, and wins the hearts of parents and children by intelligent promotion Join Simon Mason, David Salariya, and Mark Thornton to enjoy the richness and diversity in children's publishing today. Chaired by Sheila Lambie, In association with Oxford Brookes University.

Type of Event: Publishing | London Book Fair Seminar | Publishing Consultancy and Training

Wed 18 April 2012 at 10.30 am

Twitter to woo? The benefits of social media

Taking Place: London Book Fair, Earls Court - Wellington Room

Following on from the popularity of last year’s LBF seminar, ‘Tweet smell of success?’, the panel will again address the key questions around the use of social media in publishing. We know that authors and publishers need to have a strong presence through blogs, Twitter and Facebook. What is the marketing strategy behind this engagement and what kind of results can be expected? Come and hear three experts explain the range of benefits from using social media, from building communities to spreading word of mouth about new authors and projects.

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Type of Event: Publishing | London Book Fair Seminar | Publishing Consultancy and Training

Tue 17 April 2012 at 9.00 am

Managing the change to a sustainable future

Taking Place: London Bookfair, Wellington Room

There are many challenges we face in becoming more sustainable, and recent focus and effort have been concentrated on issues ranging from:

  • supply chain
  • measuring impacts
  • advocacy/policy
  • online v. print – or more simply ‘Online is the only green future!’

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Type of Event: Publishing | London Book Fair Seminar | Publishing Consultancy and Training

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