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The Journal of Publishing Culture: Volume 9

The new 2019 issue of the Journal of Publishing Culture has just been published. This is the work of last year's students on the History and Culture of Publishing and the Culture of Publishing (Distance Learning) modules.

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What is a Book? - paper published

A new paper, 'What is a Book?', has recently been published in the journal Publishing Research Quarterly, co-authored by Angus Phillips, Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing.

Miha Kovac, Angus Phillips, Adriaan van der Weel and Ruediger Wischenbart call for a fundamental reconsideration of how we define a book in relation to other book-like objects and text forms. The approach in the article is iterative, moving closer towards a definition of the book whilst acknowledging the arrival of offspring such as the ebook and audiobook.

You can read the article here

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Conference - New Directions in Print Culture Studies

On Tuesday, 9 May, the Print Culture Research Unit hosted its annual symposium.

Organised by Caroline Davis, Vincent Trott and Jane Potter, ‘New Directions in Print Culture Studies’ featured work by both established academics and PhD students from around the UK and Europe.

Plenary lectures by Dr Shafquat Towheed (Open University) and Dr Samantha Rayner (UCL) on the opportunities, challenges, and future of the discipline complemented the sixteen papers that highlighted topics as print and politics, networks of the book, digital texts and archives, and magazines and celebrity culture.  Readers and the reading experience emerged as a particular focus, highlighted especially by the panel dedicated to EuRED, the European Reading Experience Database.

Full News item here

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Latest Volume of MA Book History Student Journal

A new volume of the student journal, The Journal of Publishing Culture is just out.

You can read the journal online here.

The Journal of Publishing Culture examines publishing in terms of its historical development and its contemporary practice. It addresses major transitions in publishing as a result of social, political, economic and technological developments. The journal articles are written and produced by postgraduate students at Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies, Oxford Brookes University.

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