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Lecturer in Film Studies wins AHRC Research Leave

The School of Arts and Humanities is delighted to announce that Dr Alberto Mira  has been awarded a grant of £18,435 under the AHRC Research Leave scheme. The award will enable him to complete work on a book entitled Film Cultures and Gay Communities in Spain 1960-1980. This volume will assess the impact of film culture for the Spanish gay communities from the latter phase of Francoism in the early 1960s until the end of legal prohibition in the early 1980s. These dates mark a critical period for Spanish homosexuals, who went from a situation of illegality to acceptance. The book will build on the starting point that available cultural discourse (and cinema in particular) was part of the process of finding a sense of identity (definitely individual, perhaps social). Given this project is about responses to film and creation of cultural strategies through film, a number of interviews will be held with individuals living in large urban centres, addressing issues such as cinema going and socialising through film, films as examples of reality and films as individual fantasies.

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Publishing Lecturers at SHARP 2006

Jane Potter and Claire Squires, lecturers in Publishing, recently attended SHARP 2006.

SHARP (the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing) holds an annual international conference, this year in The Hague and Leiden, in The Netherlands.    Claire presented a paper on 'Marketing Literature, Making Value: The Literary Marketplace and Crossover Fiction in the UK in the 1990s and 2000s', while Jane spoke about 'A Record of Wartime Publishing: The Bookman, 1914-1918'.  Both lecturers also chaired other panel sessions during the three and a half-day conference.

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New Awards from the British Academy

Professor Steve King (History) has been awarded a grant of £2060 by the British Academy for a project entitled ‘The economics of overseeing, 1750-1834’. The work aims to explore the local operation of the Old Poor Law in England, making use primarily of the accounts kept by the parish overseers who administered poor relief, a critical element in the history of welfare provision.

Dr Catherine Morley (English Studies) has been made an award of £500 by the British Academy to allow her to attend the 8th annual conference of the Modernist Studies Association in Tulsa, Oklahoma in October. Earlier this year, Catherine was awarded an inaugural British Association for American Studies Founders’ Award and a travel grant from the Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford, to present her research at the Willa Cather Foundation conference in Red Cloud, Nebraska. Her paper, ‘Voice of the Prairies? Willa Cather and the International Modernist Scene’, will be published in the Spring edition of Cather Studies (University of Nebraska Press). Further to this, she has been invited as a conference fellow to contribute to the foundation’s international conference in Provence next summer.

Dr Jane Potter (Publishing) has also won a travel grant from the British Academy. Her award of £200 will support the costs of her attendance at the annual conference of the Society of the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing, to be held next month in The Netherlands.

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Publishing Lecturer wins book prize

Jane Potter is to be awarded The Women's History Network Book Prize.

The Prize is awarded for an author's first book which makes a significant contribution to women's history or gender history and is written in an accessible style that is rewarding to the general reader of history.  Jane's book Boys in Khaki, Girls in Print: Women's Literary Responses to the Great War, 1914-1918 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005) convinced the jury to make her joint winner of the Prize, which will be presented at the annual Women's History Network conference at the University of Durham in September.

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Fine Art lecturer wins important grant from the AHRC

Craig Richardson, Senior Lecturer in the Art Department,  has been awarded £19,081  to work on a project entitled 'Landscape as Conceptual Art: Retrieving Values in John Latham's Conceptualisation of "Five Sisters" (1976) as Monumental Process Sculptures'.  His work is funded as part of the AHRC's Landscape and Environment programme. The project promises to make a major contribution to our understanding of landscape history as art and as national heritage, firstly within a Scottish context and then as a study of an exemplar in British art.

Full News item here

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European Arts Management Programme

The School of Arts and Humanities is delighted to announce that the European Commission has recommended a grant of €363,000 (£254,000) from the Leonardo da Vinci fund, subject to formal approval by the European Parliament, to support the Oxford Brookes European Arts Management Programme. Brookes is the lead partner in this 2-year pilot project which runs from 1 October 2006. It was initiated by Dr Jolyon Laycock, Lecturer in Arts Management and Administration.

General information about this major new award can be found here

Full News item here

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New Grants in aid of Publication

Dr Glen O’Hara (History) has been granted a Scouloudi Historical Award of £500 towards the costs of his monograph, From Dreams to Disillusionment: British Economic and Social Planning in the 1960s, which will be published by Palgrave.

Professor Valerie Worth (French) has been awarded £1000 from the MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) Publications Fund towards the costs of her forthcoming monograph on Renaissance obstetric treatises written in French, which is to be published by Droz.

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March grant successes

As part of their work on Belgian modernity Dr Nathalie Aubert and Dr Pierre-Philippe Fraiture (Modern Languages – French) have just been awarded a £2000 grant from the British Academy to support their forthcoming international conference to be held at the Maison Française in November 2006: “From Art Nouveau to Surrealism: Belgian Modernity in the Making”.

The Cultural Service of the French Embassy has awarded Professors Mark Bannister and Valerie Worth a grant of £1000 towards the travel costs of French contributors to the CESAR conference, to be held in Oxford 21-23 June 2006. For more information about CESAR (Calendrier Électronique des Spectacles sous l’Ancien Régime et sous la Révolution), go to An application made to the British Academy by Valerie Worth for £2000 to support the same conference has also been successful!

Dr Angela McShane-Jones (History Department) has been awarded £240 by the Printing Historical Society towards costs involved in researching her book on ‘The Political World of the Broadside Ballad 1640 – 1695’ at the Huntington library in California, USA.

Dr Dominic Rahtz (Art Department) was awarded just over £500 by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art for his research on ‘T. E. Hulme’s Anti-Humanist Theory of Art’.

Hilary Rollin (Modern Languages – Spanish) has been awarded a British Academy Overseas Conference Grant of £800 to allow her to attend a conference entitled "Bridging Cultures, Reaching Heights" in New Zealand (July 2006), where she will speak on ‘Moving towards Intercultural Competence: the experience and perceptions of students and colleagues’.

Dr Alexandra Wilson (Music) has been awarded £500 from the MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) Publications Fund towards the costs of illustrations for her forthcoming monograph, The Puccini Problem: Opera, Nationalism, and Modernity, which is due to be published by Cambridge University Press next summer.

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Oxford Brookes representation at the annual conference of the Society for Film and Media Studies

In March 2006, Dr Daniela Berghahn (Film Studies and German Studies) convened a Panel entitled The Third Golden Age of German Cinema at the annual conference of the Society for Film and Media Studies, Vancouver, Canada. The conference panel examined the renaissance which  German cinema has experienced over the past fifteen years, in terms of new creative impulses and international recognition. Panelists were Professor Sabine Hake (Texas Chair of German, University of Texas, Austin), Professor Randall Halle (University of Rochester), Professor John E. Davidson (Ohio State University) and Daniela Berghahn, whose paper focused on contemporary German-Turkish Cinema and was entitled No place like home? Or impossible homecomings in the films of Fatih Akin’. (Daniela Berghahn gratefully acknowledges the support of the British Academy which awarded her an Overseas Conference Grant.)

Following the SCMS conference,  Dr Berghahn was invited to give a guest lecture at the University of Rochester.

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Appointments to the Arts and Humanities Research Council Peer Review College

Professors Lis Jay, Steven Matthews and Rob Pope (all of the Department of English) and Valerie Worth (Modern Languages – French) have been appointed to the AHRC's Peer Review College, established in 2004. The College consists of more than 500 academics whose role  is to support the 15 peer review panels in making assessments. Each member assesses applications in their own area of expertise and these inform the decisions of the peer review panels. 

Professor Mary Chamberlain (Department of History) currently serves on the Postgraduate Peer Review Panel for Medieval and Modern History.  

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