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Research Co-operation Between Oxford Brookes University and Florida Atlantic University

Dr Christina Horvath Senior Lecturer in French has been awarded a £1500 travel grant by the British Council to visit Florida Atlantic University in early September 2010. The aim of the proposed visit is to initiate a new interdisciplinary research co-operation between researchers from Oxford Brookes University, UK, and Florida State University, US. The research expertise of Dr Christina Horvath and Dr Frederic Conrod lie in the field of suburban culture in contemporary France, a fast-growing and dynamic research area in French studies which demands to be explored from a variety of point of views combining approaches in comparative literature, film studies, urban sociology, cultural studies and architecture. Infamous for the riots in November 2005, the most serious civil unrest France experienced since the Algeria war, ‘banlieues’ are troubled suburban communities. Isolated from the centre, these huge housing projects built in the 1950’s and 1960’s to relieve housing shortage, have gradually become ghettos containing a dense concentration of minority ethnic populations. These disadvantaged neighbourhoods are suffering from high unemployment and crime rates and insufficient social services. Narrative works concerned with their representation are today a vibrant part of the rapidly growing field of post-colonial culture in France.

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New book seeks to popularise opera

Senior Lecturer in Musicology Alexandra Wilson's latest book, Opera: A Beginner's Guide (Oxford, Oneworld Publications), is published on 1 June. Based in large part upon the Opera and Politics module Alexandra teaches at Brookes, the book is aimed at a wide international audience of students and opera-goers. As well as introducing readers to operatic history and terminology, the book discusses how operas have been performed, filmed, received and politicised, and explores their place in the modern world. Rescuing opera from tired cliches, Alexandra shows how the art-form engages with concerns relevant to contemporary audiences such as gender, race, politics and media. Her book has already been praised by reviewers for being 'engaging', 'enlightening' and 'easily readable', and for making 'a huge contribution' to the popularisation of opera.   

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Sonic Art Research Unit at the Cutting Edge

New project from the Sonic Art Research Unit to be featured in the Sound and Music Cutting Edge Series on November 19th 2009.

This project brings together two opposing sound-worlds; the hard-edged amplified sound of [rout]; and Okeanos’ distinctive and subtle interleaving of Japanese and Western timbres. The Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University instigated the project and invited eight composers with Japanese or British roots to develop new works through a series of laboratories and work-in-progress sessions. Importantly composers have had the opportunity to spend time exploring the unique timbral possibilities presented by the Sho, Koto, Shakuhachi and Shamisen as they combine with Live Electronics, Signal Processing, Computer Applications including MaxMSP and PureData, the amplified instruments of [rout], and the Western Classical instruments of Okeanos. So if you ever wondered how a sho sounded when played through a Phase Shifter and combined with amplified double-bass played through a PureData patch; or how a bass-clarinet and sho sound when played together in unison – you’re going to find out. The first performance of the project outputs is part of the Sound and Music Cutting Edge Series and will take place at The Warehouse, London, on November 19th 2009.

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WIRED at the Cutting Edge

Jane Chapman performs works from the Sonic Art Research Unit project WIRED at the Sound and Music Cutting Edge Series on November 7th 2009. Paul Dibley's INV III is played in full whilst Paul Newland and Paul Whitty have developed new works for harpsichord, electronics, dancer, and film that will be premiered at the event.

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Vauxhall Pleasure in Oxford

Composer Paul Whitty and visual artist Anna Best’s collaboration Vauxhall Pleasure draws upon past history, present condition and future plans of a location whilst exploring the relationship between political protest and entertainment, traffic and pedestrians, pollution, breathing and song. A multi-part protest piece originally developed as a site performance at Vauxhall Cross Gyratory, Vauxhall Pleasure has since been developed into a chamber ensemble performance, sound installation, and film that will take place in the historic Holywell Music Room as part of the OCM Autumn Series on November 7th.

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Alexandra Wilson on BBC Radio 3

Senior Lecturer in Musicology Alexandra Wilson will feature on "CD Review" on BBC Radio 3 on Saturday 25 July. In conversation with Andrew McGregor, Alexandra will explore recordings of music by the little-known late-nineteenth-century Italian composer Giuseppe Martucci. A contemporary of composers such as Puccini and Mascagni, Martucci turned his back on the world of opera in favour of orchestral and chamber music.

Visit the BBC web site:

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The Domestic Soundscape

Felicity Ford creates podcasts for Cut & Splice co-produced by Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3.

The Domestic Soundscape is a specially commissioned podcast series for Cut & Splice: Living Rooms. Researched, recorded and produced by Felicity Ford - currently completing a PhD in Sonic Art at Oxford Brookes - the series will feature an array of sonic experiments, artists' conversations, sounds, home-recordings and compositions. Exploring the relationship between domestic space and the artists' imagination, The Domestic Soundscape podcast series will investigate the role of domestic appliances, daily routines, habits, rooms and home-recordings in contemporary sound art and composition practice.

Cut & Splice: Living Rooms brings together some of the world's leading sound artists and composers for a two day festival of performance, installation, video, broadcast, podcast and discussion that explores the beauty, memory and personal identity of sound in domestic environments. The event is set in one of London's most atmospheric spaces, Wilton's Music Hall, the last surviving and oldest grand music hall in the world.

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WIRED featured on BBC Radio 3: In Tune

Harpsichordist Jane Chapman discussed her collaboration with the Sonic Art Research Unit - WIRED - and played extracts from Paul Whitty's seven pages and Sohrab Uduman's Breath across Autumnal ground - on BBC Radio 3's In Tune on May 25th. seven pages focuses the listener's attention on the sound of the internal mechanisms of the harpsichord whilst Breath across Autumnal ground transforms the sound of the instrument using Computer Software.

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Shelley Sacks, at the Nobel Laureates Symposium

On May 27 2009, as part of the St. James's Palace Nobel Laureates Symposium, designed by the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Shelley Sacks will lead a social sculpture process working with questions as one of the invisible materials that we all have access to.

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Professor Tom Betteridge on Radio 3

In a series exploring key areas of Henry VIII's reign, in commemoration of the 500th anniversary in 2009 of his accession to the throne, Professor Tom Betteridge of Oxford Brookes University, focuses on the various depictions of Henry in stage plays. Tom, Professor in Early Modern English Literature and Drama, will be presenting an essay on Henry VIII and Drama on BBC Radio 3 this Thursday 23.00 - 23.15.


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