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Around The A4074 with Felicity Ford

On Boxing Day – 26th December 2010 – at 6pm on BBC Oxford, Felicity Ford’s radio project Around the A4074 will be aired on local radio for the first time. The schedule listing is here. The radio project was one of Felicity’s major research projects, created as part of her practice-based PhD at Oxford Brookes, entitled ‘The Domestic Soundscape and beyond… Presenting everyday sounds to audiences.’ The radio show explores how the everyday context of the commute might be seen or explored differently, and features interviews with Joe Moran – writer of On Roads; Andy Letcher – lead singer of Oxfordshire band Telling the Bees; discussions with Ed and Will from A Walk around Britain; features on The Warborough and Shillingford Festival; theWoodcote Steam Rally; the Biker’s Cafe at Berinsfield; Brazier’s Park and much, much more. The show features music from local bands including The Keeling Curve, Band of Hope, BanjoCat and Telling the Bees, as well as a huge array of environmental, ambient sounds recorded by Felicity Ford herself, in her many on-foot forrays around the A4074.

You can read more about the background of the project here.

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Alexandra Wilson presents Rossini’s “Otello” on Radio 3

Senior Lecturer in Musicology Alexandra Wilson presents Rossini's rarely heard opera Otello on BBC Radio 3 on Saturday 11 December at 6pm. Although Rossini's version has been overshadowed in recent years by Verdi's setting of Othello, it was a huge hit in its day and tells us much about the nineteenth-century European reception of Shakespeare. In this concert performance by the Lyon Opera, recorded last month in Paris, the title role is sung by American tenor John Osborn and Desdemona is sung by Anna Caterina Antonacci. More information can be found on the Radio 3 website:

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Watching The View From The Afternoon

Eleanor Hatch - Robertson, e-zine editor and undergraduate publishing student is a cheeky alternative to the student newspaper and is supported by the Oxford Brookes Publishing Department. It is full of light-hearted fun and frolics, with the occasional dare I say it, bit of naughtiness! But this just makes it all the more fun to be a part of.

The View’s team are a lovely bunch. They do a fabulous job of keeping the tone witty and entertaining. Regardless of academic background, no-one working on the magazine takes themselves too seriously and this is where The View really manages to hit the pulse of student attitudes and living.

We do a whole plethora of studenty bits and bobs: anything from the events page to regular features, including the occasional more serious item. These are the things we feel affect Brookes students and our friends down the hill alike. We let writers decide what to write about because we really want this to be the students’ e-zine.

Full News item here

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Publishing alumni publish new social media magazine

Alumni Miriam Johnson and Victoria Harben (MA Publishing, 2008) have published So.Me Magazine through their editing and publishing company Jargon Media LLC ( The magazine gives insight into the world of social media for professionals, enthusiasts, and users alike. The inaugural issue, published in November 2010, features an exclusive first-hand account of the original Facebook road trip, a poignant look at dealing with death in the Internet age, and an interview with the lead researcher for a study examining Twitter’s impact on academia.

Read more about this on the Publishing alumni pages

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Finding the Candidate: Recruitment Processes in the Publishing Industry

Our new report on Recruitment processes in the Publishing industry, entitled Finding the Candidate, has been completed and is now available to download as a PDF. This report, commissioned by the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies, was undertaken by Pippa Smart, PSP Consulting. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time for face-to-face meetings and to complete the online survey.

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Publishing students receive awards from Stationers’ Foundation

A new postgraduate bursary scheme was launched by the Stationers’ Foundation in 2010, and students from the MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes received two out of the seven awards. Daniel Parker writes about his attendance at the awards evening:

‘I arrived at St Paul’s, a beautiful area of London under the shadow of the famous cathedral, around six-thirty in the evening. I was there to collect an award for the scholarship that I had received from the Stationers’ Foundation and to meet the members of the Worshipful Company of Stationers. The awards give master’s students on selected publishing and journalism courses a generous bursary and the chance to have a mentor to support them throughout their year of study. Oxford Brookes had two recipients of the award, Abigail Pukaniuk and myself. The evening was primarily intended to celebrate the arrival of the “freemen” into the company and so Abigail and I watched as six men and one woman took part in the initiation ceremony that symbolized their entrance into the guild. Then it was our turn to meet the Master of the Stationers’ Foundation.

Full News item here

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Frankfurt Book Fair, Handkäs mit Musik and Apfelwein

Publishing Master’s student Lydia Evers writes about the recent visit by her class to the 2010 Frankfurt Book Fair:

On Thursday, 7th of October, at 6.45am a group of 32 postgraduate students together with Beverley Tarquini, Angus Phillips, Mary Malin and Rosalyn Dobrzanski made their way to Heathrow Airport to take a plane to Frankfurt – city of Handkäs mit Musik, Apfelwein and the Frankfurt Book Fair. Being from Germany (only about an hour away from Frankfurt), travelling there with a group of international students from Oxford was an amazing and almost too strange to be true experience for me. (I forgot where I was and that I actually spoke the language...)

Full News item here

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Winners of the School Magazine Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered the school magazine competition. The judges were immensely impressed with the quality of all the entries. They picked, Langley Park School for Boys, Beckenham, as the winner of the 16-18 years category with their magazine, SFM.  The articles were just right for the intended audience; the judges just couldn’t put it down either! It was outstanding in both content and design. A very professional magazine put together by a superbly talented team.

Full News item here

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Publishing students visit Hobbs the Printers

MA student Aleksandra Wolenska writes about a recent visit by her class to Hobbs the Printers:

On a sunny Thursday morning, fourteen MA Publishing students from Oxford Brookes gathered outside the Sports Centre at Headington Campus. We then set off in a minibus, driven by our lecturer Adrian Bullock, to visit Hobbs the Printers in Totton near Southampton – we were excited to be going to see a place where words turn into a printed book. We were given a warm welcome by Brian Jeff and Colin Richardson, and once divided into two groups, the tour began. ...

Full News item here

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Publishing Alumni Reunion Drinks

On the evening of 15th September 2010, the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies was delighted to host Alumni Reunion Drinks in Headington Hill Hall. 40 of our alumni and staff attended the event, which also featured a talk on the benefits of coaching and mentoring from Carmelina Lawton-Smith, Senior Lecturer in Training and Development.

Our next Alumni Reunion event will take place at the London Book Fair, April 2011. To keep up to date with our network and news, please join the Alumni group on LinkedIn.

Full News item here

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