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Alexandra Wilson on BBC Radio 3

Senior Lecturer in Musicology Alexandra Wilson will feature on "CD Review" on BBC Radio 3 on Saturday 25 July. In conversation with Andrew McGregor, Alexandra will explore recordings of music by the little-known late-nineteenth-century Italian composer Giuseppe Martucci. A contemporary of composers such as Puccini and Mascagni, Martucci turned his back on the world of opera in favour of orchestral and chamber music.

Visit the BBC web site:

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The Future of the Journal

Angus Phillips, Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies, has edited a new book on the future of the academic journal (with Bill Cope). With contributions from a number of expert contributors, the volume looks at a range of key topics that are of vital importance to academics and publishers alike, as well as librarians, members of learned and professional societies, and policy-makers. Will the journals business continue to grow? Open access initiatives still form a relatively small part of journals publishing, but will they become the norm? How do librarians, publishers and academics see the future for journals? Will other forms of access to knowledge, and different methods of scholarly communication, become more important? How will the academic journal be affected by public policy, changes in copyright law, and the views of learned societies and research bodies?

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First Chapter Series presented to Oxford Brookes

A stunning collection of hand-bound books has been donated to the Booker Prize Archive at Oxford Brookes. The seven volumes were given by Oak Tree Fine Press. The slip-cased books are presentation volumes of first chapters of selected Booker prize-winning novels, which are signed by the authors and contain original artworks inspired by the stories.

Full News item here

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History of Medicine and the Independent join forces in podcast project “Moments in Medicine”

Can the history of epidemics or the history of body fat help us better understand our susceptibility to illnesses like swine flu or provide a clue to the modern day rise of obesity?

These are just two topics covered by an ambitious series of podcasts from the Centre for Health, Medicine and Society: Past and Present exploring medicine through the perspective of the past.

Full News item here

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MA Publishing student and a John Henry Brookes Scholarship

Lacey Decker was awarded a John Henry Brookes Scholarship in 2008. She writes below of her experiences on the MA Publishing programme at Oxford Brookes.

Saying I've learned a lot since coming to Oxford Brookes in September would be an understatement: proofreading and copyediting skills from the editorial side of things; how books and paper are actually manufactured from production; effective marketing strategies and how to buy and sell rights; among a host of other things.

Read the rest of Lacey's statement here.

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MA Publishing student writes of his experiences after receiving an OICPS Scholarship

Arash Hejazi was awarded this OICPS scholarship, open to international students, in 2008. He has written about his experiences as an MA Publishing student at Oxford Brookes during 2008 and 2009.

I experienced the most exciting year of my life here. I met the absolutely friendly staff of the OICPS who did their best to make me feel at home and who were there for me whenever I needed any kind of help or advice. I never had a feeling of distance between me and my tutors. Now that the course is almost over, I am convinced that this relationship will not be over and they will still be there for me whenever I need them.

You can read Arash's full statement here.

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The Domestic Soundscape

Felicity Ford creates podcasts for Cut & Splice co-produced by Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3.

The Domestic Soundscape is a specially commissioned podcast series for Cut & Splice: Living Rooms. Researched, recorded and produced by Felicity Ford - currently completing a PhD in Sonic Art at Oxford Brookes - the series will feature an array of sonic experiments, artists' conversations, sounds, home-recordings and compositions. Exploring the relationship between domestic space and the artists' imagination, The Domestic Soundscape podcast series will investigate the role of domestic appliances, daily routines, habits, rooms and home-recordings in contemporary sound art and composition practice.

Cut & Splice: Living Rooms brings together some of the world's leading sound artists and composers for a two day festival of performance, installation, video, broadcast, podcast and discussion that explores the beauty, memory and personal identity of sound in domestic environments. The event is set in one of London's most atmospheric spaces, Wilton's Music Hall, the last surviving and oldest grand music hall in the world.

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WIRED featured on BBC Radio 3: In Tune

Harpsichordist Jane Chapman discussed her collaboration with the Sonic Art Research Unit - WIRED - and played extracts from Paul Whitty's seven pages and Sohrab Uduman's Breath across Autumnal ground - on BBC Radio 3's In Tune on May 25th. seven pages focuses the listener's attention on the sound of the internal mechanisms of the harpsichord whilst Breath across Autumnal ground transforms the sound of the instrument using Computer Software.

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Hachette Livre UK Publishing Scholarship Success

Hazel Lancefield, a student on the MA Publishing course was awarded a Hachette Livre UK Publishing Scholarship in 2008. She writes about her experience on the Master's in Publishing at Oxford Brookes.

Hazel writes:

"Perhaps the aspect of the course which I have most appreciated so far has been the richness of the overview of the publishing industry, through the course itself and external events such as the London Book Fair, and SYP and OPuS meetings."

You can read the rest of Hazel Lancefield's statement and follow a link to the Publishing Scholarships page here.

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Shelley Sacks, at the Nobel Laureates Symposium

On May 27 2009, as part of the St. James's Palace Nobel Laureates Symposium, designed by the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Shelley Sacks will lead a social sculpture process working with questions as one of the invisible materials that we all have access to.

Full News item here

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