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Cowley Road: A History by Annie Skinner (Brookes Alumni)

Many former Brookes students will have memories of Cowley Road. Over the years the profile of the area has changed beyond recognition. In my book, Cowley Road: A History, I have attempted to create an original perspective of this dramatic transformation over half a century. Cowley Road nowadays is well known as a vibrant street, full of character, bohemian, multi-cultural, buzzing with political activity, interesting people and a thriving nightlife. While its history can be traced back for centuries, it became an established community from the mid-1850s onwards, but it is particularly after the post-war period that the most spectacular changes occurred. Cowley Road is within half a mile of the centre of one of Britain's most famous cities and has played an important role in Oxford's history and development, yet little has been written on it and its past is mostly untold. This is what I wanted to redress.

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From Electronic to Interactive

The new web site is up for a new masters programme in Publshing - MA Interactive Media Publishing. Several months into the preparations and loads of meetings and a revalidation - the new programme sees a change of name and a closer integration with the MA Publishing Programme delivered in the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies. This Autumn, the MA Electronic Media will be replaced by the MA Interactive Media Publishing - 10 years after the Electronic Media course was started in the then, School of Art, Publishing and Music.

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epublishing Prizes

Harcourt Education, a publishing company with local offices in Oxford, have been involved with the MA epublishing module for the fourth year running. Small teams of students have developed new electronic prototype products based on Harcourt's Heinemann secondary school books. At the end of the module the prototype websites were presented and in addition to each one being graded as normal, a representative from Harcourt was in attendance to choose first and second prize winners. Ian Cavey, e-Learning and Online Manager for Harcourt Education, was impressed with the students and reported that "all the presentations were of a very high standard. All the groups had obviously carried out a large amount of research and came up with some original and innovative ideas." The first prize of £350 went to a group of three students, Julian Littlewood, Junwen Deng and Lisa Morgan who produced a web site based on the Heinemann Eureka Success in Science course material. Second prize of £150 went to Helen Moreno, Sara Porter and Bethan Thomas for their website based on the Heinemann Themes in RE: Learning from Religions, a book targeting key stage 3.

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What ever happened to Cool Britannia? Publishing Lecturer responds…

While the UK was voting in the general election, Claire Squires (Publishing), was invited to speak at the conference 'What ever happened to Cool Britannia? The UK after eight years of Blair', held in Montreal from 4-6 May 2005. Claire gave a paper entitled '"Young, Gifted and Very Good Looking": British Literature and Publishing in the 1990s and 2000s', on a panel which focused on Contemporary British Culture. The conference was hosted by the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales at the Universite de Montreal in Canada. Papers from the conference, which included the keynote speakers Anthony Seldon, Geoff Mulgan and Theodore Marmor, are available as video online.

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Dissertation Award for Brookes Publishing Graduate

Kimberley Morgan is one of two winners of the Sue Thompson Foundation Publishing Awards 2004 for her dissertation entitled Publishing in the Fifth Dimension: Theosophy and the Birth of Mind, Body and Spirit Publishing. The press release issued on 12th May 2005 states. "Kimberley Morgan, a BA student at Oxford Brookes University, selected, in theosophy, what might seem at first an unlikely subject. She researched and tracks its development into a publishing movement with international dimensions, albeit not a commercial one at the outset, and identifies a vast bibliography. "

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Latest Research Achievements Online

The most recent issue (9) of Research Achievements (October 2004 to March 2005) is now available on the Arts and Humanities web site. The current and previous issues are available here

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Boys in Khaki, Girls in Print

Oxford University Press has announced the forthcoming September publication of Boys in Khaki, Girls in Print: Women's Literary Responses to the Great War 1914-1918 by Dr. Jane Potter of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies. This book turns the spotlight on the novels and memoirs of women writers that appealed to a British mass reading public hungry for amusement, news, and above all, encouragement in the face of uncertainty and grief.

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Publishing Department at the Bologna Book Fair

A small group of MA Publishing students plus two publishing staff visited the April 2005 Bologna Book Fair. A great time was had by all, the sun shone, we had some fantastic meals and some serious publishing activities took place too. We had meetings with Kate Harris from OUP; Catherine Clarke, literary agent with Felicity Bryan Agencey Julia Eccleshare, Guardian children's editor; Eirin Hagen from Cappelens the Norwegian Publisher, and Fiona Kenshole, film scout for a Hollywood animation production company. Many excellent contacts were also made - and a job offer for one of our students! We also had the opportunity to meet with students and staff from the Bologna University MA Publishing programme, and with the course director, Umberto Eco. We are hoping that some of these students will visit Oxford Brookes later this summer. see more images here

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Ghostwriting at the Oxford Literary Festival

On Friday 15 April, Claire Squires, Senior Lecturer in Publishing, will be chairing a panel at the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival on the subject of Ghostwriting. Featuring on the panel are Andrew Crofts, ghostwriter of over forty books and author of a guide to the profession, /Ghostwriting/; Jennie Erdal, whose recent memoir /Ghosting/ details her fifteen-year role as amanuensis to 'Tiger', a high-profile literary figure; and Antonia Hodgson, editorial director at Time Warner, who has worked on several co-written celebrity projects. For more information on this and other events, please see the Festival website

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Professor of History wins major grant from the Wellcome Trust

Professor Steven King has been awarded a Project Grant of £166,595 over three years for his work on 'Sickness, Poverty and Medical Relief in England, 1750-1851'. The award will fund a research assistant (Ms Alison Stringer), travel expenses, equipment and, in due course, a replacement lecturer. The project will investigate how the Poor Law acted as a provider of medical relief, and the experiences of the sick poor as medical consumers, using the records of six English counties during the Old Poor Law period and the first decades of the New Poor Law. The work will highlight regional differences, the effects of the medical marketplace, the role played by institutions, as well as the definition of sickness amongst the poor. Professor King is Director of the Centre for Health, Medicine and Society: Past and Present, located within the History Department.

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