What you’ll learn on the MA Journalism at Oxford Brookes

Thinking about a career in journalism? There are certain things - like a good knowledge of media law and ethics, multimedia skills and social media - you'll need. Here's everything you'll learn on the NCTJ-accredited MA Journalism at Oxford Brookes....

Media law and ethics

Knowing the law is integral to any career as a journalist, and by the time you graduate you’ll know it like the back of your hand! We take you through the NCTJ-approved curriculum; you’ll learn about court reporting, privilege, defamation, privacy, copyright and ethical standards.

Digital and data journalism

How do you take a complicated data set and serve it as series of stories, or multimedia packages? How do you create an FOI? What’s big data? What happens when data collection goes wrong? How do you present data using infographics? How do you verify a source? We’ll answer all these questions and many more. Data is an increasingly important sector of journalism and if you’re serious about becoming a data journalist, our dedicated Digital and Data Journalism module can help you get there.


How do you edit a TV news package? Produce a podcast? Make your stories compelling, whether presenting them on video, audio or online? All our modules equip graduates with the skills to be multimedia journalists. From our discussions with industry and our experience in the industry, we know graduates who are multiskilled make highly desirable job candidates. You’ll learn how to report on a breaking news story live from the scene, create a compelling blog and gather sources.

Public Affairs

From royalty to devolution, from the NHS to your local council – we’ll equip you with a solid understanding of UK governance so you’re able to write compelling, accurate copy for a multitude of audiences. From celebrity scandal to the Leveson Inquiry – what makes a story and what does history teach us?

Live News Day experience

During semester one, you’ll take on a role in our virtual newsroom. You’ll receive a breaking news alert and build your story from there. This activity has proved very popular with undergraduate and MA students, who said it gave them a great understanding of life in a busy newsroom.

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