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Our alumni from the Publishing undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are working in a range of jobs in the publishing and creative industries all over the world. Do get in touch and let us know what you are doing, and whether you would be willing to advise our present students on their future career.

Here is what our alumni say:

Aaron O’Dowling-Keane- MA in Publishing and internship at the International Labour Organization

I did my interview for the Brooke’s MA in Publishing whilst sitting under a mosquito net in a remote village in Tanzania where I’d been working as a teacher in a local school. Evidently, from the outset the international element of the MA was important to me. 

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Posted on 14 Mar 2011 around 5pm •

Aaron O’Dowling-Keane- MA in Publishing and internship at the International Labour Organization

Aaron O'Dowling-Keane

Heather Benn – MA Publishing

I have absolutely no regrets about my decision to undertake the Oxford Brookes MA in Publishing in 2010. Despite having previous experience in marketing, and as a children’s bookseller, I was finding it difficult to progress my career forward into the publishing industry, and was concerned I would have to take a step back in order to land a role in publishing. Not content to shoot for an admin or assistant job as a foot in the door, I decided on the Brookes MA as it offered a really comprehensive overview of the industry as a whole, had a focus on cultivating relevant, specialized skills and knowledge – like InDesign and XML – and offered concrete opportunities for work experience at a number of renowned publishers.

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Posted on 26 Feb 2011 around 10am •

Heather Benn – MA Publishing

Jessica Gilfillan, BA Publishing

Working in Sales

If I’m honest, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I completed the Brookes publishing BA. With a lack of knowledge about which area of publishing would suit me best but a great enthusiasm to get my foot in the door, I started applying for a wide array of positions. After around 20 interviews I managed to land a job as a Sales Administrator at Macmillan due to some experience I had previously gained in customer service.

It was a good starting job but I eventually moved on and have now been with Oxford University Press for nearly 18 months. Although I am still a Sales Administrator (working with our professional law and medical lists) I have now been able to take on my own customer accounts, attend a few sales conferences and this year I am looking forward to meeting up with one of my own customers at the London Book Fair.

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Posted on 18 Feb 2011 around 11am •

Jessica Gilfillan, BA Publishing

Jessica Gilfillan

Miriam Johnson and Victoria Harben, MA Publishing

News from Jargon Media

We just wanted to update you and Brookes on the newest venture that Jargon Media (Miriam Johnson and Victoria Harben) are working on. We are putting together an international literary magazine that we will publish on 1 November 2011.

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Posted on 02 Feb 2011 around 9am •

Tiziana Zaino, MA Publishing

The MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes has definitely represented a turning point in my life and I am very grateful for all that I have learnt in my year on the programme, for the role that this year has played in helping me focus and clarify my career objectives, and for providing me with the skills and knowledge I needed to start a career in publishing.

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Posted on 10 Jan 2011 around 4pm •

Antonia Eraud, MA Publishing

Although I knew I wanted to work in publishing and I liked my job at Hachette in France, I wished for two further things for my career:  to work abroad and to have a fuller view of the industry. I had previous experience in publishing especially in marketing, PR and sales. However, I did not hesitate to sign up for the publishing course at Oxford Brookes and I have never regretted my choice. In fact, I have been able to discover more about editorial, production, design, digital and of course about the UK industry. Even the subjects I already knew about were very interesting because I could compare the industry in France with the UK and develop my knowledge. ...

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Posted on 15 Nov 2010 around 4pm •


Emma Hawes, BA Publishing

Studying publishing at Oxford Brookes University has been one of the most rewarding, yet fun experiences of my life, and in some ways, the most life changing. Through the variety of lectures and seminars, I was able to develop and build on skills I already had, whilst discovering talents that I never knew I had. In Magazine Publishing, I was able to make the most of my creativity and have the freedom to express myself. Yet it was in Production and Project Management that I was finally able to make good use of my ability to organize and apply it to a publishing environment. ...

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Posted on 10 Nov 2010 around 7pm •

Alexa Banks-Lyon, MA Publishing

The best ‘life’ decision I have ever made was to complete my MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes. Having studied Media Technology at Brookes at undergraduate level I was quite design/technically minded and although the course wasn’t design based at all, there were so many opportunities throughout the course where I got to put these skills into practice. The structure of the course is great: demanding at times but incredibly rewarding. The staff are brilliant, enthusiastic and incredibly friendly.  The course has well and truly prepared me for working life and the business environment, and I am now working for a Digital Advertising company as a Campaign Manager, delivering advertising campaigns to online publishers. ...

Posted on 29 Oct 2010 around 12am •

PMT walk the Thames (MA Publishing 2008-09)

Jonathan Davis and Gareth Watkins (MA Publishing 2008-09) write about their charity walk along the Thames in the summer of 2010.

On 17 July 2010, four members of publishing Men Together (PMT) - established on a crisp autumnal induction day at Oxford Brookes in 2007 - set off on a 100-mile, 7-day walk along the Thames Path. Journeying from London to Oxford, they raised money for and awareness of Booktrust UK ( and their programmes to support literacy at all levels of development. It also helped that their charitable activities are vaguely publishing-related, as there’s nothing better than helping support the readers of the future! As publishers we all believe in the importance of higher levels of literacy: not just to sell books, but because it is a lifelong skill that some children (and adults) never get to experience fully.

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Posted on 02 Sep 2010 around 12pm •


At the Head of the River Pub, Oxford, 100 miles, seven days later

Amanda Lastoria, MA Publishing

My MA in Publishing from Oxford Brookes (2003/04) gave me the skills and knowledge necessary to break into publishing. Originally from Vancouver, I went to Brookes to gain international experience. On day one of Adrian Bullock's production and project management module, I knew that was the area of publishing for me. Before I even finished my dissertation, I started a production job at an academic book publisher in Oxford (Taylor & Francis/Routledge). I went on to produce new media (Macmillan English Campus) and high-end books (The Folio Society) in London. I then moved to Toronto and started a freelance career, working for a local non-profit arts magazine and various UK-based publishers as a business manager, producer, copy-editor and general jack of all publishing. Now back in Vancouver, I continue to freelance and am starting a PhD at Simon Fraser University. In a tailor-made, faculty-wide programme in Communications, Arts and Technology, I am building on my MA roots and focusing on production. Brookes is a brilliant place to discover your niche in publishing.

Posted on 13 May 2010 around 7am •

Kay Peddle, MA International Publishing

Publishing graduate Kay Peddle was featured in the Bookseller (19 February 2010) in the careers section. Kay graduated from the MA in International Publishing at Oxford Brookes in 2007, and whilst at Brookes did an internship at the World Bank in Washington. Originally from South Africa, where she studied at the University of Pretoria, Kay has worked at Random House in London since graduation. She is now an Assistant Editor at the Bodley Head and has been long listed for the British Council Young Publisher of the Year award.

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Posted on 05 Mar 2010 around 9am •

Jonathan Davis, MA Publishing

My time on the MA Publishing course at Oxford Brookes was spent in a perpetual balance of work and study. Studying part time over two years and working to support myself during the course gave me a real grounding which helped me to get to know the publishing industry, make new friends, and find my first job within a month of submitting my dissertation. ...

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Posted on 27 Jan 2010 around 2pm •

Marrisa Joseph, MA International Publishing

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about and work in the publishing industry, whilst making friends and having a great time whilst doing it.

I managed to go from being a complete novice to knowing so many different aspects of the international industry in just a year thanks to the MA in International Publishing. Each module was informative and enjoyable, and the range of modules in the second semester was extensive, which allowed me to tailor my learning to my interests.  Also, the Brookes MA has significant credibility in the publishing industry. I was told by my present employer that I was considered for the position just because I had completed the Brookes MA, and I now work at Osprey Publishing, with three other people who did the course. ...

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Posted on 18 Jan 2010 around 5pm •

Chris Kinsey, BA Publishing

As a graduate of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies (OICPS), I am happy to say that it was the stepping-stone which helped me to develop a career in publishing.  I enjoyed several successful years in the field of print-on-demand with Lightning Source, and I’m currently working at 4edge Ltd which is a specialist in high quality digital printing of books and journals. ...

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Posted on 07 Dec 2009 around 1pm •

Leon Terner, MA Publishing

As my major project, I chose to found a small Indie press and publish an anthology of European creative writing. Contacting Creative Writing MAs and other artistic forums around Europe, I then solicited creative works of nearly any kind, as long as it was somehow connected to Europe. My mission statement, if I can call it that, was - and is still - to give everyone an equal opportunity to be published, given that creative zeal and literary brilliance were evidenced. Both previously undiscovered authors and well-established ones were welcome to submit their work, and before long I had received tons of great short stories and poems.

To cut a long story short, in August of 2009, Lion Lounge Press, as I dubbed my publishing venture, published its very first book, The Lounge Companion: A Collection of European Creative Writing.

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Posted on 23 Nov 2009 around 3pm •


Publishing internship in Geneva

Helen Swain, a student on the master’s in publishing programme, writes about her internship in Geneva in the publications department of the International Labour Office …

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Posted on 27 Oct 2009 around 2pm •

Margaret Burke, BA Publishing

I would recommend the course to anyone interested in entering the publishing industry. The BA Publishing at Oxford Brookes definitely opens doors to jobs on graduation as well as work placements in the industry. The department has excellent networks across the industry and worldwide with lecturers who work in the industry alongside teaching. It is a great practical course that gives an overview of the whole business of publishing and helped me decide which areas interested me the most. ...

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Posted on 11 Jun 2009 around 1pm •

Arash Hejazi - Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies Scholarship

Arash Hejazi was awarded this OICPS scholarship, open to international students, in 2008. He writes below about his experiences as an MA Publishing student at Oxford Brookes.

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Posted on 02 Jun 2009 around 10am •


Aimée Walker - Cambridge Publishing Scholarship.

Aimée Walker was awarded the Cambridge Publishing Scholarship in 2008. She writes about her experience on the Master's in Publishing  at Oxford Brookes. To find out how to enter for this year's scholarship, please visit our scholarships page here.

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Posted on 26 May 2009 around 8am •


Aimée Walker - a student on the MA Publishing course 2008-09

David Vince, BA Publishing

Studying at Oxford Brookes provided me with a valuable overview of the publishing process. The syllabus was varied and enabled me to explore the different facets of the publishing industry such as design, rights, editorial, production and marketing. Although the course is highly practical in nature, it isn't at the expense of the ‘theoretical'. I graduated in 2004 feeling that I was aware of how the industry had evolved and, at the same time, equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in order to work in today's industry. ...

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Posted on 26 May 2009 around 7am •

Sum Cheung, MA International Publishing

Wishing to develop a wider horizon of the publishing industry in a global context, I decided to pursue further study aboard at Oxford Brookes after three years of my local career in publishing.

The Brookes life was all exciting and fun! We had teachers with international insight and friends from so many different countries - the course had students from 28 countries. I was nominated to be one of the student speakers at the annual International Evening of the Oxford Publishing Society. I also had invaluable work placements at not only publishers in Oxford but also the Office of the Publisher at the World Bank in Washington DC. These all made my time at Brookes more precious than ever.

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Posted on 14 May 2009 around 10am •


Blanca Gonzalez, MA Publishing

I am now working as a Production Editor in a big educational publishing house in Oxford. I found my job just after finishing my MA at Oxford Brookes and I know that my dissertation had a lot to do with it. ...

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Posted on 20 Apr 2009 around 1pm •

Divya Dubey, MA Publishing

I am working as a Senior Editor with a very new company called Kalyani Navyug Media, based at Ashram, Delhi, India. We do graphic novels for children, under the imprint Campfire. Today, after having spent some years in the industry, I can only say that I remember my time at Oxford Brookes as one of the best periods of my life, and I owe Brookes a lot. ...

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Posted on 13 Jan 2009 around 8am •

Rhianna Jones, MA Publishing

I had no publishing experience when I began my MA at Oxford Brookes but by the end of our visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair at the beginning of the course, I was sure that publishing was the career for me. I now work for Elsevier in Kidlington, living in Oxford with three friends I met on the course. I had the best year of my life doing my Publishing MA at Oxford Brookes, both in terms of how much I learnt and the people I met. ...

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Posted on 05 Jan 2009 around 11am •

Deng Junwen, MA Publishing

As an international student with little experience of the publishing industry, I started my MA study at Oxford Brookes in 2004 with some trepidation. However, the helpful teachers, the friendly classmates and the creative courses gradually allowed me to relax and I came to enjoy enormously my study abroad. Amongst the activities on the programme were visits to the Frankfurt, Warsaw and Bologna book fairs. I also remember brainstorming projects in different pubs around Oxford! I recall the stimulating classes and seminars - and also the sunflower blooming against the wall of the campus building. It is such a warm memory and I will keep it in my mind all my life. ...

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Posted on 16 Dec 2008 around 8am •

Cathy Atkinson, MA Publishing

I graduated from the MA Publishing course in 2002. The different modules on the MA gave me a great overview of the industry and, along with several work placements, allowed me to try out different publishing functions and sectors. During the course, I spent one day a week on work experience at Heinemann Library (now part of Capstone Publishers), and as a result was offered a job as an editorial assistant. I worked on a number of online products for primary and secondary pupils, and realized I loved the interactive potential of electronic products, and really enjoyed working on educational materials. ...

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Posted on 15 Dec 2008 around 9am •

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