Alumni - Constance Young, MA Publishing

I wanted to give long overdue thanks to the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies (OICPS). I was in the Master's course in 2011-2012 and from there I took an internship in the logistics department at Boardworks, which led to an editorial internship and then an editorial assistant role. I’ve been at Boardworks for over three years and am now the senior editor of the science division. ...

I went into the Master's programme with a narrow idea of what a job in publishing would entail, mostly centred around fiction print books. OICPS introduced me to the variety and depth of roles in the publishing world. I came out of the programme with a career that was nothing what I expected or was aiming for, but is absolutely perfect for me. I love education but always shied away from teaching. Now I create digital resources for teachers and students in maths and science. It’s a job that’s both fulfilling and exciting.

Posted on 27 Oct 2015 around 2pm