Alumni - Delia Costache, MA Publishing

As an MA Publishing student at Oxford Brookes from 2007 to 2008 I had the great chance to do work experience for 6 months in the editorial department of medical and life sciences books at Wiley-Blackwell. During the placement I became familiar with the role of editorial assistant and did occasional tasks assigned to me by my supervisor. These helped to train me in other aspects of editorial work.

As part of the learning process I decided to do for my major project a research report for the company relevant to their business needs. My supervisor was very responsive and assigned me an important project which involved carrying out market research and drafting a strategic plan for the editorial department. It was an excellent idea for various reasons: firstly I learnt an enormous amount and became familiar with the academic publishing field. After finishing the course, I applied for the position of Journal Publishing Manager at Wiley-Blackwell - here I am and enjoying it a lot! It requires a lot of enthusiasm, hard work and determination.

Posted on 14 Nov 2008 around 9am