Alumni - Jan Kasprzycki-Rosikon

Oxford Brookes was an inspirational "break" in my publishing career. When one is working full-time, there is not much time to go back and analyse the big picture, keep yourself up-to-date in all areas of the publishing industry.

The unique atmosphere of the school and the city, fantastic teachers, experienced external speakers and students from different backgrounds and countries all contribute to the excellence of the course and help you  maintain the broad understanding of the industry while studying specific areas of the complicated book business.

We cannot forget the work experience opportunities in Oxford, London or even Washington DC, access to teachers who are often active in the business as consultants for publishers in the UK and overseas, networking opportunities and above all, great fun!

All this put together is worth more than spending one year of your career and it is surprising how often postgraduates refer to what they have learnt at Brookes in their professional lives (!).

Jan Kasprzycki-Rosikon, Head of Rights, Pearson Education

(MA in International Publishing 2004-5)

Posted on 17 May 2007 around 10am