Alumni - Jing Liu

Hi, there! This is Jing (Jennifer) Liu from Beijing. Having finished my study at Oxford Brookes and returned back home with a MA degree in publishing last year, I am now working as the director of the Beijing branch of Hainan publishing house, a young but very energetic trade book publisher of China. Although I had already worked in publishing industry for five years before I went to UK in 2003, I still prefer to owe my quick growth as a mature publisher to Brookes for it provides me a very good opportunity to understand what I am doing in an international environment and helps me build a world-wide business network.
Another thing is that the relaxed atmosphere of Brookes helps me find the true happiness as a student. Adrian Bullock, one of our lecturers, came to Beijing this September for the Beijing Book Fair together with Angus Phillips, the director of Publishing Department. We drank coffee together and talked a lot about the happy days we shared together on the campus of Brookes, the lovely library, the coffee break, the beautiful Headington Campus and South Park in the sunset, and the ‘adventures in the wonderland’ of Oxford…Ok, I must stop here, or I am afraid I will jump away from my busy office desk and rush to the airport…

Posted on 08 Dec 2006 around 3pm