Alumni - Julie Dwinnells

As an international student, my classmates were very diverse and the professors often took extra time to explain subtle differences for us.  It enriched the learning process.  I highly recommend the trip to Frankfurt during the first semester; classes first and second semester related to it and it is a good place to start thinking about dissertation topics.
Being from the United States, I loved being in Oxford and being able to access the vast publishing connections our department has with the community.  The special lectures and guest lecturers enriched the classes and my learning; a highlight was having a Google representative himself come and talk about Google Print and having Lightning Source representatives also come to talk with us.  
Attending the programme has given me a jumpstart on my career path and when I tell possible employers what I accomplished; I surpass the competition (there are no publishing degrees offered in the Northeast currently).  Currently I work with the State of Rhode Island's Department of Health, Communication Unit for the Family Health Division; I am involved with in-house design and printing as well as editing.  The marketing knowledge, design experience, print production, perfecting people skills and editorial understanding I gained from OBU's Publishing Department is a great knowledge base that I could have applied to any job I accepted.    
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at OBU and I have made some great friends and colleagues to last a lifetime.

Posted on 08 Dec 2006 around 3pm