Alumni - Margaret Burke, BA Publishing

I would recommend the course to anyone interested in entering the publishing industry. The BA Publishing at Oxford Brookes definitely opens doors to jobs on graduation as well as work placements in the industry. The department has excellent networks across the industry and worldwide with lecturers who work in the industry alongside teaching. It is a great practical course that gives an overview of the whole business of publishing and helped me decide which areas interested me the most. ...

I gained work experience in publishing through the advertisements on the department's website and this, combined with my my degree, meant I could talk in an informed manner about editorial, marketing, and production projects I had been involved with when I went for interview.

Obtaining my first job in publishing was due to my time at Oxford Brookes. My present job at Wiley-Blackwell is really varied: I work with production costs, produce AIs for sales support material, and work with all departments involved in the publishing process organizing reprints and customizing elements of books. Many of the skills I use now I first learnt on the course. Attending Oxford Brookes gave me a great start to my career in publishing, and there are many Brookes alumni to meet throughout the industry.


Posted on 11 Jun 2009 around 1pm