Alumni - Rachel Craven

I found my time on the Oxford Brookes publishing Masters really valuable in two key ways. On a theoretical level, I was able to walk into my first job understanding what was happening in each division of the company and how they all contributed to the publishing process, and on a practical level, I had all the relevant skills in place to do my job and lots of great ideas for developing my role and function besides.

I was given great advice by the lecturers regarding choosing a dissertation topic. It was suggested that I choose a topic that would provide me with a learning platform for the skills needed for the job I wanted to do after the course (in my case, e-marketing).

We were really encouraged and supported in finding work experience. I found this an essential part of the course: I got my first job with the company I had worked with as an intern, which enabled me to enter at Marketing Executive level rather than as a Marketing Assistant.

Posted on 08 Dec 2006 around 3pm